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Our product

Assess - Report - Map: 360

ARM360 uses the power of spatial technology to solve the problem of where.  


How do we do that?

Simple.  We listened.  We built an app that you don't need to be a geospatial expert to use.  We worked with the community experts to make sure our system worked with their systems. Together, we made the best system.


Version 6

ARM360 is a data collection system.
Damage assessments, tree inventories, frogs, culverts, wind turbines, turtle nests.  ARM360 can collect whatever you need! 

ARM360 is a GIS based data collection system.


We built the system originally to support the collection of the FEMA damage assessment information, but learned through exercises, disasters and feedback that we could do better.  So we did.  ARM360v6 allows for any GIS data collection.  You're not locked into collecting what we think you need.  Go get it done!

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