Geocove helps agencies solve the problem of 'where'. 

Where are the hydrants that need to be exercised this year?  Where are the abandoned properties?  Where is the damage?

Geocove provides spatial technology solutions to local government and utilities to help them collect, manage, visualize and share information. We provide insight into problems and solutions for decision makers, users and the public. We also make seriously cool map apps. 

So how does your GIS program work for you?

Orlando Utilities Commission
Safety inspection / Damage Assessments
and General GIS Services
Town of Palm Beach
GIS Services, arcgis online configuration and apps, custom integration, automatic data updates
Miami-Dade County
damage assessment
ArcGIS Portal, database design, LGIM implementation, template apps
Lee County
various projects: damage assessments, dept. of transportation signalized intersection app, zoning workflow tool, web app builder widgets
Sussex County
damage assessment
Onslow County
damage assessment
Citizen engagement: tell us where you'd like a bike path or lane
Rails to Trails App
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